Monday, April 27, 2009

Cool Meets Smooth

I awoke in silent alarm;
another stilled night
A helping hand
cupping soft breast,
an arm slung in 
protection of the rigid
night body.
Soft breaths blow breezes,
cackling snores inhale
secret contentions
and settle to hums of
an impassioned delight.

I rise and smoke, hydrate
and write, so as not to disturb.
Crawling in afterwards
I wait in full fetal facing north,
my lover turns facing south.
I am comforted by the cool,
the smooth, of a long sculpted back.

The room silent and contented 
in the jigsaw of silhouette,
we are free to dream
in the close contact
of flesh to flesh
in different direction.

The night falls slowly,
the dawn rises slower.

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