Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peeking Stilled to Stare

I've peeked at the world
eyes to the TV;
cartoon crushes
cracking wit, Bugs, Top Cat,
Mighty Mouse... my heros.

Sitcom failures
flowed as comic disbelief.
Archie Bunker as my Dad
were one and the same,
no role model there.

MTV gave hope in image,
as music danced and scored...
it died in drama.

Grow up, eat a peck of dust.

News became infomercial,
my heros of song
sold out to the ads one by one.
Bowie how could you?

Tell us how to think,
we forgot how to feel.

In a weave of web I
caught a glimpse,
looking for friends..
they shouted, look at my face...

I saw your eyes
through words
peeking into share,
there is a concrete soul out there.

Cloth of hidden 
is stripped
in slow tease glancing.

Languishing in poetic
alliance, waiting in wile,
the peek rises...
to a slow sultry stare.

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