Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who Knew?

Did I ever think your mother
was right and a bag of beans
could come between us?

It was a call to dinner,
I didn't know how important
and yet I dared to open 
a bag of beans... as a vegetable.

Stove off... goodnight... I slaved...
Oh never mind.
Huh? Who's the drama queen now?

Not a sentence, not a snark, it 
isn't so, just a proclamation.
Enjoy your dinner and leave
me alone.

Okay, okay I fucked up and
am left wondering...
what happened here?

As I waited for the cardinal,
it never came. Could you
have read my disappointment?

The old world is done,
the bird still sings a happy caw.
I will not crow to what was,
but will sing as a nightingale
to what is, as a raven for evermore.

It's my plight, not worth
a bag of beans (your mom was right)
It's not worth a bag of beans.
Good night!

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