Monday, May 11, 2009

Cherry Picking

Tiny kitchen in tidy sparkle,
filmy curtains with flocked
cherries... so cheery in
tight lipped scrub.
Scampering subdued,
it isn't home.

A nap gone awry in stronghold,
enfolding in foreign breath 
and waxen hands
to calm sweating curliques
of angel golden.

I felt the grip of defeat and despair,
no, not here, not now in animal
innocence. A frightened mammal
bites to the face... 
only a human would slap. 

I searched and cried for the goddess
of deliverance, she took to hug
and with squinted seething
held her breath. The cuddle was forced,
and in secret silence told me to forget.

I only remember the wind
blowing the happy cherry curtains
in frenzied contempt...
the sound was SSSHHH.

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