Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

Caught in a tangle of vine
ripened by the rising sun,
moistened by the setting moon
in dew and dripping rain.

Plum licked lips
on strawberry tongues,
triangular kiwi in whee
and murmur.

Limey eyes and dilated dates
gazed upon themselves,
bittersweet in the stare
of the smile.

Raisins in the sum of touch-
erect to the pinch in
golden and dark...
a hint at the grapevine.

Guava is ripe for the seeding,
the nectarine morphs fuzz
and static of peach.

A watering slurp of melon,
red, dark, delicious
in scented lushness of summer.

Passion arises in taste of banana,
peeled, firm, and perfectly curved.
Grasping the ridges of avocado,
skin warm and swollen
to summer exposure.

A salad of fruit in a melange
of just dessert...
tart, sweet, ripe, raw,
no need for condiment
of saccharin or sugar.

The low lying is plucked
waiting the peak...
sip of coconut in milking exposed,
tandem juicing of ecstasy's mount.

Navel to pith in seed chakra
rising in the slumber
above the plane of fruits
to ripening of grape
in supine elixir...
so fine, so fine,


  1. this is full of underlying meanings ..which made the poem intriguing

  2. It's easier done than said... a new genre for me. Thank you for bearing with me.