Friday, May 8, 2009

Junk Man Philosophy

Some of life's best lessons
hit home when spoken
by the least likely philosophers.

It was an attached garage cleaning,
nasty business...
broken furniture, old boards and
windows, leaves, a dead animal or two,
a scat filled disaster.

The young men toiled in silence;
the buggy-lugging of debris, the cutting
of wood... they sweated profusely
in shirts logo emblazoned.

The final inspection.... pristine,
only the rungs of an aluminum ladder
decorated the walls. I was satisfied
remembering their last visit
when important stuff was hauled away
mistakenly... though it was never missed.

As I relayed my tale of the last junk
removal debacle, the worker smiled at me
and said, "Everything eventually becomes junk."
As if hit by a two by four, I thought,
Well said my friend, well said indeed.


  1. you find honesty in places that sometimes you don't expect

  2. I honestly do... I have a deep love and respect for the common man. Was planning on reading Sartre's, Being and Nothingness... now there is no need.