Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Man Amongst Kingpin Cheats

Our leader is of black and white,
and anything but; he didn't inherit
the jewels of the past, instead,
in the striving for the win
he inherited a plate of shit
to serve to his followers...
in humble dignity he didn't 
try to call it pate.

His choice in lady speaks
volumes, no wide eyed
aging ingenue, but a force
to be reckoned with on
goddess terms; imbued
with mothering for all...
in the baring of arms. 

Full of hope with words
inspiring, a poet of the practical
in plain terms... for all the forgotten.

Tears well, as he speaks in the art 
of the soothe, backed by years
of listening and thinking
things through.

Hated by the privileged few,
loved by the common all,
he's Plato's best prophet
in a world gone mad...
No worries, no fret...
Speak dear one, you inspire
the hope from the regrettable past.

I sleep well with you at the helm,
but not enough to be complacent.

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