Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Medusa Submerged

In hot toed bubbles she stands strident
defying the scald,
spigot in cold alleviating
lobster flesh... she waits
in indignation.

Lowering milky speckled
scales into the froth;
a slinking and sliding
into slippery porcelain.

Cradled in splay of lotus legs,
elbows and beacons
point skyward, cruel
hands grasp the bubbled
nape in deliberation.

The head thrashes underwater,
swirling mane of snaky
silken wanderance,
the water gushes in murmur.

Eyes closed, nostrils flare
in scent and sigh,
while ears listen to
measured breath in largo.

All is well in this world
of Medusa,
soaking submerged
and alone... from adoring eyes
that she cast to stone.

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