Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Remininese

Gone are the days of cooing 
and endless diapers, nurturing
rhymes, patching boo boos,
fretting fevers, "eat your greens,"
N-O spells no, countless games
and shows where my eyes
saw only the glory of their

The lioness defended 
and would attack the world in 
their honor. Authority has it's
place in compassion, dare smite
my child.... they're just rebellious...
it's normal... so was I and look
how good I turned out... 
skateboarding isn't a crime...
you'll be the prettiest girl at the prom,
even if the hairdresser was an idiot...
I'll fix it for you, I will, you're all that matters.

It's quiet now, Khalil called it.
Your children are arrows...
you cannot be their future...
I knew and accepted the launching.

But now, in moments alone
with each and all of them,
I hear as they preach to me
what I wanted them to understand.
No need to talk back... I listen
and learn once again.

The future looks bright.


  1. you guide and instill then the hard part of letting them make their own way..while you watch

  2. Thank you for reading and understanding.