Saturday, May 30, 2009

View from a Porch

On the rocker in worn paint
and speckled mildew
the coney sits proudly
wriggling a wary nare,
planning escape
amongst the littering of the tu-
tued dropping of petals.

Swinging to and fro in curlish
fold, music rocks in
belted bad girl staccato,
Anxiety... get nervous...
from an 80's avatar- been there

in leather, lace, and fishnet,
pulled from a line of
flannel and jean
as celebrity someone;
if only they knew
I wasn't... a chuckling
in reminisce.

Through gaily painted bannister
of olive and pink,
the sod beyond is high
and applauding in
windblown waves of frenzy...
my audience is
flickering matches
in daylight.

Again the promise of somebody
hopes for a reprieve...

Where, oh where is the hummingbird?


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