Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kiss Me In A Whisper

Look upon the moon in full delight
from a darkened window of peer,
gaze in wonder as she was meant for you,
distant and hallowed in the glowing.

Hush a bye baby, in pursed lips and 
murmured mystery, tears will come
as tides pull heartstrings, there is
hope in haze from frosty winters.

Send a whisper of kiss
into the darkness...
to fly over sultry seas
gathering salt of unfulfilled wishes...
it will not linger there.

The smooch of sound continues
at daring daybreak, upon clouds
of  fluffy pink and silver tinge
to mountains that smile
at the desert of sandy dreams...
continuing on a journey of loving escape.

Over meadow and stream,
held high in esteem by treetops
who rivet the hush to a waving pendence, 
where wildflowers add in dewy moist
the fragrant following of caressing candor.

The whisper in silent flow will echo
from gulch of canyon, to reverberate
the message..... 
stones have compassion too.

And from a window in delirious wander,
the kiss is felt, brushing longing lips that wait...
hair blows back in the night-time breezes,
the whisper is clear-

The message was meant to be.

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  1. the kiss of dreams we all seek