Friday, June 26, 2009


Falling as dust through
a hazy window,
it settled on such a shiny veneer.

Too many times mocked
and taunted, that face
a reminder... skin shedding
thin in the distance.

Laughter and jokes belied
the heartbreak, one so close-
yet worlds apart... he looked away.

The past not repeated in
breaking search,
dust settled in corners of memory-
the mirror haunts still.

In veiled jest of parody,
the present called to the past,
punching thoughts ease clamor-
a longing heart knows no revenge.

I carry you to a worded soothe,
we share the heartbreak unbearable...
fingering cobwebs from the corners.

 I'll always be there for you
dear Brother,
it's no matter to the things
that do...

Give me your heaviness
and together we'll laugh
as we shed our skin.

Dust doesn't define us,
it's meant as the
whiteboard where
we write our history...

then we'll blow it away
to welcome the Sun.


  1. to support gives you strength for it is returned

  2. Thank you R... this goes out to all my "brothers" who have felt estranged.

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