Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Eppiphany

It was an offering of Agnus Die,
a love of lamb gone to laughter.

The sharing of a last supper,
a rabbit who held the fast
of a petting, in stoic silhouette
under the table.

The light of a feign shone
clear as a candle,
waxen point of an alchemist boil-
disseminating gentle bubbles of hubris.

A symbol shone bright as a shield
of remembrance, diamonds gleamed shyly
from eternity.... eight up-righted
from a bottle of broken glass ... green
as the color of healing demise.

Two bubbles teetered from a prism of light,
a curtain of orange sarcophagus liquid
of a laid to rest Psyche. Cupid slinging arrows
to the partaking of body and blood...
and the wafting of apple-nut muffin...
Aphrodite was lost upon a sea of reign.

He beats his rose colored window
in a tantrum of arrogance,
as she in bucolic fragrance
of milk and manure feeds her lambs,
while his sword protrudes cold and hard
from clarent waters to a stone hearted lair.

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