Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Have Seen Mountains

They stand in sloping mounds and points,
undaunted by the floating of clouds, mists,
flocks, and darkened torrents...

Whitened and glistening of sugar, coated
twinkles in the honey kissed shade of the sun,
or dark and loamy lurking across a desolate landscape,
the majestic mystique of barons and baronesses
watching sheep graze scrub on the fragmented
land of ancient peasants and listless fairies.

Gliding down a blue ridge of brontosaurus back
under a darkening skyline with a setting sun
as a spotlight on a fading day of yesterdays dream.
They rise illuminated and unfettered by the wily jumping
of creatures of the night below or the creeping of headlights
under their incline of caution, the descent of terror
rides with the pump of the pedal.

And Oh how the sun sets on table tops in the distance
redden unashamed by the lowering and hiding of the sun...

Another world away, over the dusty scrub of prickly cacti
who scatter before the mounding of boulders awash
and bleached white by a noon day sun, cordoned behind
the barb of a wire fence, a tawdry necklace for the mighty ones.

At the end of a land, the friendly smile of guards on the border
greet the passing presence of those who belong...
Among the salty sand of towering peaks and grainy beach
an arid question is begged... what is there to gain here? Really.

And though I've seen these beauteous beings who make me feel small,
and mock at how far I think I have come... I keep searching the world,
my oyster, for the pearl of wisdom I lost somewhere.

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