Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Man Walking

A lone vestige of an old world order,
slumped and domed
he seeks revenge on a world out of order-
chaos really.

Holding the reigns of a glorified Dog...
a Loki of sorts,
as his wife chattels about,
while a daughter once pixied
broadens in horizons
of a designer label...
a harangued husband
is nowhere in sight.

A stoic banner of resignation
is no banner for a Hierophant's
cry in the wilderness...
he seeks a jungle of woman's despair.

If only he could have snared
the dusty relic of Lucy's bones
and pulverized them
into a gentleman's snuff...

he would still be a contender.


  1. Wow! Fantastic! I loved reading this piece! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Thanks Ajey... sometimes gloating capitalism just bugs me.

  3. wow! I love the ripped-opened feeling of this. fantastic!

  4. Thanks Megan... I have been inspired lately by STC especially "Fears in Solitude"

    My God ! it is a melancholy thing
    For such a man, who would full fain preserve
    His soul in calmness, yet perforce must feel
    For all his human brethren--O my God !