Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shorin' up the Capital

The morning sun is gleaming
and shining on my face.
The jobs are overseas now...
it's a National disgrace.

Two pennies rubbed together
does not produce two shoes.
Tell that to Nike and Coach
who haven't paid their dues.

Or what about the networks
and their golden TV shills,
with hard gut wrenching stories
of the hard pressed country's ills.

Coupons here, coupons there...
here's how the Kardashians
comb their hair.

The bedouins always follow
the camels unquenched thirst.
The tents of greed they carry
shows their gloating wurst.

Capitalist pigs and pork-bellies
a dining of the past,
a revolution's coming...
the spoils of their repast.

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