Sunday, August 12, 2012

And Sow It Is

And sow it is we weep, we sleep,
a lifetime now in a reverie, a memory.
A love that touched the face of God
and fearful retreat, a playground lost
that was neither you nor me.

Profound at best, as we proffered be.

What is here and now in authenticity.
A comfort hug, a shimmering start
a time to grieve what once was my heart.

Brave and bold with chains and saws
we cut down the meadows to which we
gave pause. A frolicking sojourn, a
flickering sigh... we went in sincerity
of numerous lies.

We cannot know another according to plan,
we cannot help each other, but we do as
we can. We are simply fragments of
some divine plan.

How sad... we are creatures of sand.

One teardrop that splashes upon the face,
that thought it reveled in time and space.

Right now in this moment there is egg on my face.

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