Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Coast is Clear

Tenuous moments
they were,
Oh yeah
they occur.

Waiting for prey...
really? a stray wanton
lightseed, as a flaxen
haired worm.

I wrote, and I died
in the dimly lit light.
It happens of course
when the time is right.

And so on the precipice
the dancing occurred
and the call was made
and the light was heard.

The sun came out
and shut up the storm,
a happy dance shimmy
in the light of the morn.

Goodbye, ye believers
of new world of old, the greedy
of whoring of the money
and gold.

We don't want your values
to us they are dead.
And you would know
it, as you see it, if you had a
brain in your head.

The heart beats strong
and it beats very wise
and a song of Love
is hard to disguise.

So I sing a song of merry,
and a song of love as well,
and if by chance
you're still holding a gun
to my head,
well, you can go to hell.

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