Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hell Telling

Oh how rich to see the sights
of a blog gone dark in the day of light.

I saw my self gruesome in a mirror
of smoke, I was a lizard from a land
remote, of a wine smeared remembrance
of I place I had failed, and frolicked
amongst a breed that prevailed.

I see you hiding, you pathetic dark beast
you had your plans ready,
with a smug grimy feast.

The people are cowards, I heard
from your mouth. Now who is in charge?
As you travel down south to the winds
that are trade and quite balmy you say,
the winds that are blowing quite hard
to a quay, of your making, you idiots
now you bow and pray
to the gods you created who
are mocking you gently
the people are waking
and not going gently
to a death they don't believe in...
it was always a lie
and not worth believing.

You lived well you did
to the best of your being,
you divine scum belying
your Divine Self in being.

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