Saturday, May 24, 2014

I came, I lived, I know.

The great divide is amongst the living
who came to live the song of tell.

Show us your modus operandi,
we'll show you the road that is paved
to hell.

Divided is how you seek to conquer,
quests made frequent so far and wide.
United is what has scared you further
into your realm of take... then go hide.

Cowards steal and glower in pride.

Come out, come out, where ever you are
your money means nothing in old gold
and tar. Your feathers are fettered
wherever you are.  We all can see you
for who you are.

The world is a changing in new sacred threads,
not needing your systems to hang over our heads.
You poor scaredy cats are now losing your eyes;
was it worth all that misery you concocted on lives?

United we stand as the your tyranny ends,
every child knows that the monsters aren't friends.
The T-Rex was a reptile, the most frightening of foes,
but to the children who know you
well, anything goes.

You are laughable fodder to a serpentine dream
now it's your turn to experience the throes of your scheme.

You know what your did, now go munch on
your scream.

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