Sunday, September 28, 2014

Put up your dukes.

Oh the Duke of Earl and the
Duke of the Screen,
is a smoke screen upon
a silent dream.

Illusion of the enemy around,
the news is full of their shadowy sound...

mayhem, a-hem,
there's no skirting around.

Woman is a shadow
out of bounds.

Send in the hounds.

I listen, like a kitten
and bare my claws to the clown.
This world, like an hourglass
is upside down.

Even the rainbows are a frown.

I'd rather die where it's sunny,
(only a poet could find that funny.)
Git yer shotgun Annie
you get the next round.

Naw... Paw... you got me
i'm jest fucking around.
Cheers and tears in your beers
that was last years rebound.

Sad, glad, mad, and had...
Been there, done that
the smoke rings around the he
I remember Ahab
and the whale

Who would not beg to be drowned?

Me... as I smoke, in a hazy glee.

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