Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chirp... not a bird.

Oh a good day interrupted by the chirp of a technical bird.
My word, in my home a small circular dome with battery
attached... evil contraption. Chirp, chirp in a circadian rhyme
disconnect the battery and it still peeps out a chime.

You are interrupting Joni Mitchell... furry sings the blues.

Bringing smoke and dreams... not allowed in this established place.

We have been hoodwinked to a placated place in a somewhere blues.

I want my harmonica, so I can blow my brains out.

We replace the battery, another small battle won in this odd post card existence.

I hear the blue jay, mocking bird, and crow for real. Screeches, trills, and giggles.

Techno birds warning of impending fire? Shut the fuck up.

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