Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quicksand or Beach

All we want and all we know is just a mystery
in a mainstream show. The slip is showing,
your child-self knows the joke. Can you laugh

at yourself and all the absurdities of a belief
that is a be-lie. You will not die if you question,

Why? Human being, why are you trying
so hard to fit in with an old shoe, you wonderful
but obedient you. It is time that you knew...

Your senses are lies in the whys of your earthly disguise.

Eyes can see outside and mind decides, ears can hear words and things
held dear, it's just noise my dear. Touch has gotten you into some trouble,
an outstretched reach to heal another... is double trouble. The nose knows
nostalgia from a smelled past, another comfort for a sense that can't last.

It is senseless to guess the meaning of life, it just flows like water across a thirsty
land to a destiny of beach or quicksand. It is a black or white endeavor that a
heart will not understand. A child keeps asking why, as a philosopher states
because it Is that way. How wry.

Give up asking and you will intuit... there's really nothing to it.

The merry-go-round is a timeless ride, click whatever channel you need
to survive and be bold...

Did you really come here at this time to be old?

A new kindergarten is waiting for tomorrow, between a beach and quicksand
it transcends your senseless yet timely earth sorrow.

I feel this right now... but I can assure myself that it will change tomorrow.

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