Saturday, January 30, 2016

I saw the dewlap of lizard... it was a call for love.

Oh there was the joy of the drink
and a sunny day upon the deck
of a sweet and speckled depth
of a turquoise pool. Leaves as flotsam
float together as wreckage from
trees that dare to bear their young.

I saw him there, on edge,
the anole lizard watching
me splash as mermaid with
all my cetacean charms.

He did not blink, not once,
but watched and stood in his
baby stance of cuteness.

And when the goddess in me
saw him at his little sorry self,
I swam up and announced my
being. Little head and tiny brain
held high, i saw the sadness
of his ancient eye. He held
his stance, and I, mine,
there was no dance,
but a dewlap shown.

I was softened...

and a shiver later a giant
teardrop from his hindmost
dropped... a bubble of urine
his only gift. He ran off.
I accepted the dignity of his gift.

He wanted love and acceptance
and for a brief moment
he got what he longed for.

Everything changed.


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