Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why love isn't like...

Why do I love so truly, madly, deeply
what i do not like. I must be mad
as a hatter, or a march hare
if I dared to care.

I did not mean to share,
but I must say what I care,
in despair.

I love so many people and in a madness
that sucks the air that I breathe,
I find that the one's that I like the most
are the one's whose
time I cleave. Bear with me if you please.

We have come to a time when like is a click,
and it's mostly tied to a newfound trick. To
make you like the burgeoning new and
leave behind the tried and true.

What gives? I wish I knew.

The people I love are left behind
as out of sight and out of mind. The likes
of me that come anew are leaving the ones
that I once knew. It must be the bogey man
come as a flu.

Alone with me and yet not afraid, I yawn, and
dance and face this unbraid. My hair is long,
my teeth feel wrong and I live while I die
to this like I have made... a sad song.

Why can't I love with the ease that I like,
falling apart in the middle of night, and by
day all seems right... i'm kidding myself
by a child's hindsight. I know, it doesn't seem right.

I spent a lifetime learning to love, but in this life
like is a dove... elusive, flying and eternally free...
I love that I like this mysterious me.

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