Sunday, February 14, 2016

Once a mother, a grandmother becomes fearless

Once upon a rhyme in a kingdom
of old, a mother birthed her young,
cruel cave of inconvenience, she
labored to bring forth a new life.

Amnesia and anesthesia cannot
make her forget the pain
and the joy. She guards the laws
and loves of the future, as only
a mom can do. She does her best
in a pity of failure to remember
her task... love them unconditionally.

It was whispered, and the newborn
only remembered, "you are loved."

Now, many failures and lifetimes later,
a grandmother sits by the web, dressed
in black and white lace collar, smiling
and spinning the silk of timeless stories.

These are yours and these are mine,
a spinning wheel in front of a mime-
do my bidding for the children if you are
so inclined. I've sewed many a thread of time.

She laughs as she spins knowing the maker
of grace, she's a Loki and knows her place.

Fear is a joke, life is a jest.
the future is mocking
from the little one's face.

A grandmother's wisdom
knows her place.

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