Monday, February 8, 2016

The cheerleaders... from the past.

Can you imagine, I think that you can
all the ancestors in a DNA can
that could, if they would...
leaving behind the world of should.

Here you are, a thought and a being
living a life and striving to be seeing
that you have arrived... a secret, shhh
to the ones that are seeking. A tattle-tale being.

They say you are depressed if you live in the past,
the present is the gift and the one that will last
to the future. Don't be anxious or you won't get there.

Think of the history that you were taught, dismal,
abysmal, in the wrongs that were wrought...
makes you crazy... if your brain is not lazy.

Those ancestors that came before, are hiding in rafters
upon a shore of lives lived in bondage and in death
become free... are the cheerleaders now, rooting and singing
in the lives of the you and the me. DNA is a god from the past
that can see. You  live for yourself, but your victory is for
your ancestors unlived dreams...on the sidelines they clap
for their own small schemes. A past that lies hidden in dreams.

Whatever you do, whatever you live... their connection to you is
the life that they give. Matter or energy cannot be destroyed,
but manipulated, and grieved to the gods they've employed.

There is one belief that I hold dear, it is Love in the Now where there
is nothing to fear. The cheerleaders of the past are counting on
this... let go, if you dare and find your free bliss. I came and I heard
them and they won't be dismissed.

The cheerleaders, as ancestors, just wanted to let you know this.

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