Friday, May 13, 2016

Living in a fishbowl

Oh the glory of being a fish with a wish,
glass boundaries and some food thrown in
for thought and sustenance... moving with the moon.

I thought that I was sovereign, never knew that the
contract I took was come due. Huh?  where is my
silver spoon?  I came as a humble volunteer,
to make Earth well and be of good cheer. A good egg.

Or so I thought, like many other dupes so long ago.
The human experiment is a place, I'd rather not know.

Too late, I came, I lived, I saw... (big sigh here),
Too livid and raw...  
on a half shell of living a perfectly synced up life,
a perfectly delightful and beautiful wife.

Oh now comes the humor, the joy of divine,
what I sought for myself wasn't nothing so fine.

I'm just a little goldfish that all
 could see...
except the delusion is that the joke is on me. i cry,
i laugh, then i'm proud to just be.

Blowing bubbles of breath,
i look out to see that those
bubbles of breath are the
bubbles of me. I'm here,
alive, and most perfectly free.

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