Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chaos... you lil stink.

Well, here's a clue that all is well...
looking down the wishing well of disillusion.

An old memory haunts me, me, my mom and grandma
sitting by an old well... wishing well actually, and
eating orange boat slices together, My first feeling of
anxiety and disillusion. Those two whom I loved so dearly
did not one another. It was a cold chilly feeling on a warm
sunny day. It was a day of quiet realization that love here
does have boundaries, and it is not free and warm and
nurturing. It is hard and survival skills count. My love
for these two icons of heredity were put to the test.

I looked into the well, and all i saw was darkness and an ancient watery hell.
The birds were chirping, the grass was green, and sweet
juice of orange was all i could seem, and enjoy. They could not connect.

Sad, for a young girl looking for a strong woman for a mentor.
Women bound by the spell of distemper. Humming like a rainbow.

She grew, and knew that the women of her past she would outgrow.
Genderless wonder for a while, just looking to be free. No labels,
no not for me. People meet and share and seek what they need.

Scarlet red, to violet night... colors stolen in the day of the light.

Really, X-men you stole the show, the slips are cowbells to the seeds that you sow on a sojourn to bring some more of the same, your whore of babylon knows
your name and your game.

I wink, and think... a funny dream can really stink... oh it's not cute,

but forgiveness is needed to the cowardly brute. He's really an unloved
Fauntleroy in disguise. I saw it with a goddess eyes, it's no surprise.

It's just chaos in disguise.

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