Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Catcher in a Ball Game

"Davey, everyone wants to be a pitcher, we need a catcher."

Famous words from the Family of God or some church,
we remember the animation and know the tune
and those lessons of children still echo as a rune
in our minds... these thoughts come in rhyme. or not.

There are pitchers who swagger and hold the ball court
and jesters who watch and know that the rules
that preside, secret hand jestures taken in stride
to the knowers only.

In front of a crotch, it's the manipulation
of the lesser of jock. A catcher will pick up the slack,
to make the game look easy as a crack in ice, when the
snow glazes over. As a simpleton dog, gives commentary
to the slackers that think twice. Dog-gone dogma.

Play you fools or don't get paid, and if you're lucky you might
get laid. A games of thrones, to the homeys unknown.

Now give us our bone.

How does it feel to be at home, all alone?

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