Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wolf and a Sheep

Prey tell, to the sheep that bleats well.
This wolf hides deep in your eyes,
an animal sentient and unhumanly wise.

It's a clever disguise.

The hunting are hunting, it's not such
a bad thing. You watch and can see
the human comedy. No fear. Stay with
me here.

Watch the skies, not the TV if you love
the birds, the clouds, and even the trees...
you will see the prey,
it just you and the me

who cares... steps from your heavens of
Apocalypse prayers.

The wolf is watching over the sheep, at least they're
sentient and won't lose their sleep.

Talking heads and crazy church bells come
together as jokers, as the hurricane swells.

Love is the reason that everything is here,
as a threat to the status that makes all of us fear.

It's just drama occurring, loud and bold...
such a old time melodrama whose time is
on hold, a moment in time is a joke in a rhyme.

The wolf and the sheep are beginning to see,
we are both the prey of a dying breed.

Love is the only thing that brings us together,
define the word and you will trust in the weather.

Or whatever.


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