Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Ah! Whee! Yikes! Oh!
Yeah! Eek! Whew! Yo!
Hi! Ooo! Yay! Go!
Stop! Bye! Fuck! No!
Yes! Hey! Eww! Whoa...

What would you exclaim
as a flash in the pan?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Symphony

The humid night hung heavy-
a damp velvet blanket of black
dotted with firefly sequins.

The cicadas have retired
their incessant shushing
which drowns out meeker insects
with volume braggadocio.

Long after dusk
the night time choristers
crescendo in stridulation
to a nocturnal overture.

Flutey chirping crickets
hum-clicking katydids,
raspy buzzing grasshoppers,
ticking tapping beetles...
all contribute their individual
song in harmonious melody.

In the dark, I wonder
if the collective chatter of human sounds
reach the ears of an unseen deity
and produce a sonorous sigh
of appreciation and amusement as well?