Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baring arms in surrender

There's a meltdown in the melting pot,
just scroll to your hearts content...
no parchment here, just old, wrinkled,
worn out plausibility structures
crumbling in a heap, then comes the weep.

Grab your tissues and wipe your eyes
as you watch the carnage grow,
tainted seeds and steely clubs
are all you're meant to know.

I bare arms, my feckless freckles need the sun.
I'd never shoot at any son.

Distracted, I shoot the scenery I desire
where everything is One. A flower is a river
is a bird and the sky above. Grounded all
together, I see a beauty that I call Love.

People have their beauty too, I won't deny
what isn't true, but polar bears die on a beach
that wasn't meant for polar speech, or rhetoric,
or point of view, if you disagree in thought or
creed, I'll shoot before I know your deed? Really?

Maybe the Word should die a death and leave
the shrouds of doubt as jest. So sure have
sides of thought become... (I dunno, is not that dumb).

I bare arms in silent surrender,
shrug my shoulders in helpless wonder.
Then shake my head and float away,
there isn't anything more to say.