Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Kindness of a Coney

He came to our world, fluff of a bun
blue and white and dwarf so we were told.
A child of the gray, Nature's misfit
born of a lineage we didn't understand.

A bun in demand, no easter white with the
passive red eyes, our bun won our hearts
in his whorl of grey disguise. He opened our eyes.

A passion for touch in his new bunny found,
and his fertility thrust to his newness profound.
He captured our hearts and proffered his soul
to our way of life that no mortal could mould.

A kind yet feisty bunny we welcomed to our fold.

A true and kindred spirit whose name can't be sold.

He taught us the meaning of unconditional love, that
enjoys in pleasures that dare to be bold and out of the
mold of human decay. That's not the bunny way.

He lived to endure us in our human schemes and never
set judgement to our human memes, but taught to joy
in the simplest of means, like blueberries in the morning
and lettuces at noon, a carrot at dinner and some
 cookies between... amidst the necessary hay with fresh
water at the beginning of the day.

No matter our course and however it was coarse, he was
our navigator for better or worse. We prevailed through a
kind Coney's sail. He could never be unkind but he wasn't
ever blind to our Love, cataracts don't detract from love.

Love is blind. It is not unkind.

Laid to a peaceful and beautiful rest, I think our beloved
Coney knew best. The sun shines bright from the dark of the
night and we're here to share whatever we can spare, it's the art of
dare to a kindness that's in the air... the water, the earth, the fire...
the spirit that we share. A coney taught unconditional love,
and died in loving grace of his lair. His mom, just had to share.