Sunday, December 26, 2010


Sun stained set on old mahogany
wispy dance of Spanish moss,
diamond point of faceted bay
convergence of Atlantic and Gulf
as hand holding hearts.

Splish splunk of pelicans fishing
face plant on rippled sparks,
prairie whimpers of reverent crows
childlike and quiet coo replacing caw.

Stealthy sidle of black vulcans
circle swoop to picnic table land,
hopping like chickens looking for remnants
nosy pecking at charcoal and grill.

Sunrise starburst, cirrus breezes,
milky illumination surrounds Venus's glow.
All is well in the Florida Everglades...
Everglad, everglow, evermore.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Night Train Terror

In a darkened room where a huddled mass of ignorant eyes
lay fearful, yet trusting among compassionate caretakers,
muffled words babbled of solace..."we're in this together."

A hissing screech from a hazardous face
closed the room in tightened grip...
there was moaning, lament, grief
as the last freedom was carted away
in a crowded freight car, emblazoned
with worn out logos mirroring billboards.

The tossing tempest of a night tale was stifled
by rising words softly spoken, "you are safe."
From the green glow of creation
the seas calmed... warmed by the weight
of a wooly, woven blanket.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Day...

I ask myself on a day like today,
what would a sage like JL say.
Only one word comes to mind-
IMAGINE... one day at a time.