Sunday, April 17, 2016

dudes... missed it.

You skated in reckless abandon... no fear.
They sold you a pipe dream in a milky way
of rebellion... and the goddesses walked by,
dudes, you missed them in their golden bodies
and reckless felines ways...

i hate cats is what you said,

the cougar understood and watched
you pass your wet chance by
showing off your reckless passion
on a goofy foot 360 bored ollie
as they veered by your bravado.

The sun still shines in the eyes
of the unborn, rebellious as ever,
the show continues with, or without
you. Please just show up and skate
or saunter,

It is never too late.

Get outa your head... numbskull... laugh it off.

I heard the divas sanging
in the sanguine color of their youth
and they whispered in a laugh...
doesn't matter what you say or do
just be... record, watch, and parrot
the world, it is your's to live and share.

Numb scull has been listening to a voice
of doubt and defeat and fear of why, why,
did I come here? Sucky luck of all places
where you could still pay dues. I can, i will
my do doos. Damned, numbscull will have the
way as my rational brain looks on in dismay.

No more prayers to pray, i've gone astray
with make-up smeared, hair in a dis array.
Zeros and ones do not make my day, as they
once did. Healing is a cleaning of the mind,
numbskull finally admits it's time.

Frame that photo... a picture of now and
nowhere somehow. All good, the very
picture of should on my shoulder bare

not a worn out thought or a fucking care.

I don't belong but my gentle and fragile
heart does. She laughs, and sheds tears
on the path of no resistance, nothing
to show, nothing to hide... no anger past
or future pride.

Here is good, it's where i've been hiding
between the could and the should.