Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A yawn away from nightmare slumber,
the moon descending
obscured by clouds.

The brilliance of another wonder
fades to pitchfork
prodding embers.

Dreamt the sun was trapped within
the shrouded word 
would come alive.

Poems like clouds to catch the din
a flash of wooling
on shorn black sheep.

Fleeting fables to light unseen,
I don't know clouds
forget the dream...

Mortal death wakes upon sleep.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Filtered muted sun
watches cool October rain
flowing emotion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Auric Reverie

Thoughts dissolving
into a listen-
dripping rain
on damp pavement,
a lonesome coo
of a huddled dove,
swishing tires
of weary traffic,
distant church bells
an undecipherable tune...
in a moment of auric clarity
I forgot what it was that
I was thinking about.

Diversions, distractions, delivering disaster

The lizards lick their scaly lips
the beady eyes don't lie.
They do not squirm in adversity
they plot, they whisper..."die."

'We have all power in our grasp
let's scare the docile sheep,
now don your terrorist masks
and strike, then put them all to sleep."

Media is there with untimely news
(the wealthy, the corporate
paing their dues)
laughing at peasants
who just need some hope,
their wise man has spoken
and here comes his rope...

"fear for a moment
will trump his mission,
then ads and football
will surely dismiss him."

You sorrowful creatures
who can't make connections
but cower in fear with your
petty protections.

Let lizards win then
and be happy with crumbs,
your apathy will unseat you
and all your loved ones.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shorin' up the Capital

The morning sun is gleaming
and shining on my face.
The jobs are overseas now...
it's a National disgrace.

Two pennies rubbed together
does not produce two shoes.
Tell that to Nike and Coach
who haven't paid their dues.

Or what about the networks
and their golden TV shills,
with hard gut wrenching stories
of the hard pressed country's ills.

Coupons here, coupons there...
here's how the Kardashians
comb their hair.

The bedouins always follow
the camels unquenched thirst.
The tents of greed they carry
shows their gloating wurst.

Capitalist pigs and pork-bellies
a dining of the past,
a revolution's coming...
the spoils of their repast.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lambs of Slaughter

Do not go gently into the night,
lambs of the slaughter
the meek of the blight.

Raise your voices
loud and clear
let the oppressors
know you are here.

The new day is dawning
the die has been cast
you need not be victims
from a time that is past.

Share with each other
ask no mark of greed
the Internet calls you
in a time of need.

The moneychangers of old
are alive and well
as they seek to scare you
to a repentance of hell.

Give up your talents
give them for free
it's the only hope
for your soul's liberty.

The angels will guide you
with love and their laughter
you no longer need be
a lamb gone to slaughter.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ripped Apart

A lone coyote howl;
tame, plaintive, cool,
wafts over the desert plain
under the glow of the setting sun.
The furtive scout disappears
behind the brambles
of mesquite and creosote.

Later, under a lashed and lurid moon
a band of howling hunters preys
on a mammal small.
Sinister snickers surround
piercing childlike screams
in otherworldly madness.
(Oh dread, it must be a rabbit)

The pawing, snarling, ripping
of flesh sounds ripely perverse
in the silent shadows.

Hours later, under the waning stars
the blood drunk banditos
are whooping it up
over the night-time spoils.
Their victory hoots are fearsome
and sickening in that early hour of gloom.

By the first peek of the sun's streaming
over the brambles black
I could only think of the lone
defenseless rabbit,
dead in his innocence.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Two sides of a painted curve,
one is green of bile
the other mambo black.

A heavy handed thrust
into the thinness of airs
("to no one in particular, she said")
seeking solace from despair.

Vicious, vehement, vomitous velocity...
... specious, speedy, spinning spear
gathering dusty spectacles
returning to choke its sender.

A blunt clobber to the jugular
in an unaware instance unguarded,
just shy of a heartbeat.

"Let out the poisons honey," he said,
"let out the poison."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A sensitive soul
wrapped in words
like a bubble in isolation.

Sparkle, dance, shine...
effervesce to dissipation.