Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh no, oh now, catty somehow

Here and now I sit and wonder
what's the use of pawn and ponder,
useless in a paper bag
the maiden crow,
forsaken hag.

A sense of humor always wins
a belly laugh of phantom sins
portray a tale of human whims.

All is well in a spring of water
if you live your story,
I'll give you a quarter

squared in a spectacle
of a towns delight,
offer opinion and enter the fight.

You open a dark soul
of a fearsome night. It ain't right,
the words are spit in moments delight.

The part of living that you can't see
is the the part of the other that you call we.

Oneness is a fleeting vow,
a doggone belief in the here and now.

Bow wow to the oneness movement,