Sunday, June 2, 2013

Devil take the hindmost

I sit and I think of that winsome phrase
"Devil take the hindmost" Hahaha.
Fuck me at your will and pleasure,
offer me the sun of your vanity,
the moon of your silver tongued mystery,
the stars of your littered divinity.

Ho hum, been there, done that...
I can sleep
I can sheep
I can peep
and a shun and a shudder
in silence. Blackout and in,
it's a blazing din. Booorrrring.

I will sit in jaded light
of an old pine tree,
delight in a pinecone,
a turd upon the needles.

It is a bliss, a ponderance,
an ecstasy of the sublime

it is mine, all mine.

A simple divine.

A fuck and a promise
is just a fuck.

Devil take the hindmost,
it is all that you will ever get.