Friday, September 24, 2010


Jazz beat, rap sheet, workin' overtime.
All the flowers never plucked
whispered through the pine.

A cauldron of bubble
with tumblin' jacks,
ribald kittens in burlap sacks.

Sock eye salmon on plum fleshed puce
spinnin' on a fly reel
in stiletto pumped truce.

Silence is molten in a riverbed sigh
kiss ass can wrath
without knowin' why.

Scratchin' sound of chatter fleas
on bear clawed bread...
nevermind meaning of what's been said.

Laughin' at four corners
writhin' words for fun
singin'  in shadows with wicked silken tongue.

Upon a beach of mossy peat
I feel the cadence, hear the sweat...
O Beelzebub, my buzzled bee
you haven't scared me yet!

(now I won't share your secrets
or tell you any lies,
just let me melt slowly
in your fire breathing eyes).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Night Owl

It was the glare of the 3 AM streetlamp
casting its phosphorescent shade of
green doubt through the webbed
veil of the menacing hemlock.

Curling wisps of smoky waft
drifted upon a b-minor fretboard...
the watery chord was held captive
in an icy stare showdown


sweeping gestures of love-lit glance
graced the gaze to the triple pink glow
of the charmed faux gas lamp up the street;
softening, soothing, satisfying.

The new moon sleeps soundly
under the cloak of velvet darkness...

lullaby, bon soir.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bittersweet Joy

She lay in my arms having her ba
in blue eyed contentment.

Gently rocking
I thought my heart would break
from the last day of this precious feeding...
when a dimpled hand reached up
and gently finger painted my face
with my own tears and then wiped them away
on her own little head.

She looked into my swollen eyes
and kicked a chubby foot to my lips
for a monkey toe nibble, pulled the ba
from her mouth and gave me a new tooth smile.

Together we shared our giggles
in a moment of joy meant to last forever.