Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flash Back

I saw it from a downward hill,
a uniformed patrol car
lit up and blinking
in rotational blue-white-red...
like a buzzer at a restaurant
signaling the table is ready.

There were back thoughts:
lectures on bike safety,
penny or porcine quips,
hidden baggies of herb,
daisies in narrow barrel shafts,
stripping macho dancers,
big guns in holsters,
partners in CPR...

the mind roared in rapid fire succession
to the syncopated rhythm of the blinking flash.

As I pedaled by the car,
jaded green met worn flannel
and we both just said a weary hello...
greeting of the damned.


  1. Brings back thoughts that I have tried to forget since years now. Welcome back!!!

  2. Thank you Opaque! These whispered torments of mine tend to haunt me like the Furies, unless I give them their say.

  3. Yay... thrilled and honored Mr. Boyd!