Monday, July 17, 2017

Should have saw it coming,... i was meant to see

I came to see as as I saw it was coming,
the onslaught that was meant to see.
The ending of a saga that was meant't to be.

There is always a story to be unfurled, like a
flag that was meant't to be unfurled.
A rainbow of beauty yet to be uncurled.
I usher it in to a live un whirled... like
a blackbird striving to an unholy world.

They were flying to a blacked sky, an ego
worthy of an ancient sky. Who am i to cry?

I AM for better or worse, of this ungodly curse.
There are those who cry in an uncertain sky,
better to bless this poetic curse and let it die.

We came to make better an unholy cry,
can a light-worker let go of this pathetic scry?

I'd rather not go there in this unholy sky.

I would rather give up... you win when I die.

Love you... for what it is worth.

I remember that an arch angel
always seeks mirth.

Sent me back when I didn't want to go,
but here is what I want you to know...

Love wins, clueless wonder.
ego claims and throws love asunder.

It's what I think when the crows fly to thunder.

Reinvent, and enjoy the new plunder.

A fragile wonder is a woman asunder.

A thank you in a world gone a blunder.

Renewal is waiting upon the shore,
there is no belief in finding the door,

said the raven who spoke to me.
Your belief is nevermore for your whole
world to see.
I acquiesce and i am free.

Pardon me.

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