Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Tease of the Updo

We the downtrodden,
try to make pretty sense
of the world marching to the beat
of squeaky enamor in horny
tunes of dissonance,
the chaos soothing...
a men's club and a
hair full of female undoing.

It wreaks the havoc of
a good coif and a teased bouffant,
we know they like the subduing
in an up-do tourniquet.

We linger in wait, as waifs
on a wharf of retching barf,
in submissive undoing
in the mission of a position.

Name me one female jazz musician,
respected in a man's nested nurture-
and I'll rest my casement.


  1. Thanks Megan! Just trying my hand at synthesis (snarky barker is alive and well).