Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Token Moment

Take me away to the land
of sun drenched cotton sheets:
white, crisp, clean, and cool,
to wrap me in cozy comfort.

Let me live in a land
of baby kittens, fuzzy bunnies,
and lovely lambs who stay
cute, cuddly, and curious.

Fly me to castles of mist,
floating through magickal chambers
where dreams come true
in the wink of an cloudy eye.

Wash me in a gurgling stream
of chortled laughter
and then dry me, gently,
in petals of wild meadow flowers.

A simple return to the sweetness
of being alive...

if only for a moment,
now and again,
as I gaze through a grimy prism,
squinting for rainbows.


  1. You have so beautifully captured that desire to "return to the sweetness..."

    I just love "squinting for rainbows." Just wonderful!

  2. Thank you Megan... Sometimes I am successful at mentally returning to the world of the inner child as opposed to the cataracted vision of the adult world. Somewhere in between there is a balance.