Sunday, April 26, 2009

Golden Flower

Lying lovely in bubbly tub
gushing in stillness
of good girl cleanse.

An urge to micturate,
the toilet stares cold.
Get up, dry off, tinkle,
wipe with paper
from macerated hand?

A retreat to listen
to the crackling laughter
of bubbles...
no stay, push the bounds.

Can I, should I, why not?
Shampoo bottle grabbed,
chemistry 101,
left brain satisfied.

A sigh, an urge,
hesitation and small
jolt of release.
Bubbles won't tell...
naughty naughty echoes
as it flows.

Intrigued, I duck 
under to sounds
of applause
from somewhere.

I freed myself
in golden flower...
another inhibition

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