Monday, April 13, 2009

The Internet's Down

He laughed like a hyena
at the secretary
who proclaimed,
The Internet is down.

Dumb bitch, she doesn't
understand, the Internet
doesn't go down- it's a
connection problem-
that's all.

Perplexed I wondered
what is so dumb?

I didn't want to be dumb
or stupid and I smiled.
I'll understand his world,
I thought in hazy emotion.

The degree was painfully granted
MSIS... now I'll understand.

A day as a house goddess
and happily blogging...
interruption... loading,
loading, loading... a loaded gun.

He arrives home to gloom.
I rebooted three times, I
disconnected the router for
five minutes and waited...
The cable was good, there
was TV service.

Conspiracy, I thought. It's
the phone company sabotaging
local cable.

He chuckled... you don't understand.

My degree was wasted
I'm dumb
I'm blonde
and no, I don't understand.

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