Saturday, July 25, 2009

Conversation on the Deep End of a Chance Meeting

HI there... how are YOU?

"Who are you... what is it that you do
to send me into the wild wet frenzy 
of my desire?

Oh no, you don't know me... yet
when you read me in the meaning 
of your soulful smile, I know you.

I like what I see, I hear your style-
sing to me, you wily coyote.

I'll be taking you in on a pinnacle
of a shimmered, silky, spin...

I have no answers for where I
am going or what you are,
I just resonate to your beat-
I know my own heart.

I feel a dizzy relief of flapping wings
in deep places with you next to me.

Funny feeling, it's up a tide 
to the ocean of your being,
where in this moment
somehow you belong to me...

tongue tied in my lipping,
a sweet and coy wonder of the words-
the meaning not quite clear, I
sing to your mournful soul.
(praises in the winds of belonging)

I ask no more 
than a simple sigh
upon the plain shore
of a mystic sea...

will you taste the salt
of my tears shed for you,
sweet mysterious?

will you sigh contented
in the morning afterglow,
will it light your soul?

To my knees I fall in the grace
of your forgotten desire, so 
in a bargain of hope and chance
will you know me?

C'mon angels are watching,
but then again,
you may be disappointed
later in the day."

I'M fine... how are YOU?

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