Saturday, July 18, 2009


Caught and cocooned in a tangle
of outmoded commitment,
light of the unfiltered judgement
glistens on silken threads
that hold me in the animated
suspension of a whorling turn.

Absurdity earmarks the capture
in noisy disarray, the clamoring
for the feast of a slow deafening
death of yawning boredom...
a longing for the winds 
of a dangling temptation
to free the threads that bind.

The shroud is a molting cloth,
frayed at the edges of despair...
metamorphosis of the leave
is still in the making.

The inky jet of a spider waits
at the doorstep with clamping
pincers and hungry mouth,
he is patient and so am I...

he will wait until the gelatinous
remains of my past quiescence
synthesize to a tasty morsel of adieu.

The freeing of the sunlit spirit
will flee to greener pastures,
tempting a liberation
far away from yesterday's tomorrow.


  1. Okay, the title alone blew me away! And, then is the justice your lines have done to it makes it even more better. Good work! Keep writing!!!

  2. Thank you sweet stuff... you make the poetry of my life a little bit brighter.