Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fodder for Folly

The jolly trolley snipes the trollop
in romping roominess...

Ruin the day in deep dather
shiding shingles in mayhem...

Work me over in the wonder
woo hoo, you who doo wop
to the head...

Jingle, jungle tribal tribulation
in jubilant juxaposition.

Angling a lure... firefly
feasting in smoldering frighten;
light a lamprey lampoon...

Reading here, go away 
little Sheba, come back
when you've grown.

Groan... a rolling eyed
teeny bopper,
do do do and a rampant 
rap in the head.

Jiggety, piggedy
pudding and pie,
make it a creamy dream...

Waltz with me babe,
in three quarter dime,
as the sole of a shoe...
kick it up a notch!

The home fire's a burning,
a touch of the torch...

you've met your match.


  1. Wow! Ha! That was a rather different and great read! I feel this is more like a song than a poem. It makes my foot tap. Nicely done! Keep writing!!!

  2. Hey thanks... there was music in my head when I wrote it chomping on Nicorette gum. I like to experiment with style to suit my mood... such a nice compliment from a remarkable musician... keep at you're terrific!