Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grinding Chaw

A shift of the mindset...
no more a friend sought
in strife, in sorrow, in boredom-
the veins pulse in agitation,
the lungs long for the dusty inhale
of that long lost ghost of a passing
light... one twenty pack of de-light
from adolescent angst... loved
the light after the heat, the stab 
of an ending... exhaling satisfaction
in the disgust of stubbornness.

Time lines tell tales in circumoral
bleeding of lipstick...
not ready for cotton candy hair to match...
vanity wins over fear.

Chewing like a drug store cowgirl,
swinging a foot, tapping a pen,
nodding a head to a knowing finality...
done dude, you're too expensive a gigolo...
could'a had a car payment all this time.

Yeah, rockabilly seven nights to the first step,
chew and chew in time with a rabbity sniffing,,,
My god, my bunny is with-drawling too, he glares...
some example I've set, thank goodness the children
have more sense...

Twelve weeks to freedom.. twelve step?

I've got life to live,
songs to sing,
dances to complete...

I'll not be tied to a corporate package of lies.
I quit... I chew... I could just spit
at my stupidity.


  1. we all have things that in retrospect make us feel stupid..recognizing and learning is half the battle

  2. I wish I wan't such a slow learner... thanks R for your encouragement!